Saturday, November 8, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 8: Breathless

Goon Squad Sarah and I are both obsessed with the Twilight series.

Yes, I admit it. I made fun of numerous people for it, and now I'm totally having to eat crow, but 14-year-old me would never have had a boyfriend if I'd read Twilight, because I'd be out looking for Edward Cullen. No one else would have measured up.

And now there's a movie. A movie! I don't care how much fun Dan makes of me, I am so there.

The actor who plays Edward is named Robert Pattinson. He played Cedric Diggory, who met an unfortunate end in "Harry Potter and Appallingly Bad Movie." That's not really what it's called, but I've blocked it out of my head because the movie was so bad. Also, I don't feel like walking across the room to see what the movie was. You know which movie it was.

Something is wrong with my internet and I can't upload pictures to Blogger for some reason, but you can do a google image search for him. He's hot. Just trust me.

Anyway, this is what he recently said about kissing in an interview with USA Today:

"I always get carried away when I'm kissing people. I just go nuts."

Thanks for that, Robert. No, really. Thank you.