Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 4: What Will Suck

What will suck is in two weeks, when all that's left of Max's Halloween candy is Bazooka and the "?" - flavored DumDums, and I'll get all excited because I'll see a Snickers wrapper in the bottom of the bag and dig through only to realize that the Snickers wrapper is actually empty, and I ate the Snickers on Halloween night.

Then I'll get mad and throw the whole bag in the trash.

Then two hours later, I'll go get the bag from the trash, dig through it again, and eat the DumDums.

The holiday between Halloween and Thanksgiving isn't called "Veteran's Day." It's called "A Season of Regret."

P.S. Please go vote. Even if the lines are long. Even if it's raining. I'll loan you my umbrella. Please go vote.

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