Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 30: The End

I haven't accomplished a lot with NaBloPoMo this year, not that I did last year. I feel like I should be writing a serial poem, with a new stanza posted every day, or...I don't know. But right now I feel like I can't do much, and I don't want to do much, and as a result, all is vanity.

Something more interesting is coming, though. I didn't want to announce what I have to announce during NaBloPoMo, and so I've had a post sitting in queue for December First for a week, and I keep going back and re-writing bits of it and realizing that it doesn't need to be re-written really, it was fine how it was and as usual my first instincts are usually my best ones.

I just am so fucking anxious these days that I can barely stand it. I may need medication of some sort soon, and I'm not even sure that's a possibility. The weather today is cold and grey and rainy and I feel exactly the same way, and I have a new job that starts tomorrow that I barely feel alert enough to be excited about, and I have been horribly neglecting domestic duties here--all I want to do is sit on the couch, snuggle with Max, and watch movies.

I am in a true anxious funk, and I'm sorry that I was so thoroughly uninteresting this month. This enforced-writing seems like a homework assignment. While discipline is a good thing and everything, there are days when I just don't have much to say. Unfortunately that seemed to cover the entire month of November.

If NaBloPoMo brought you here, please stick around. Better times lay ahead.

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