Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Things I Want From Santa Claus

1. The entire series of "The West Wing" on DVD. Or else some good TV to watch.

2. A tutorial on Excel spreadsheets, and why exactly a journalism major is considered to be "a pro" at them, as my boss intimated this morning before delivering a doozy of one for me to work on.

3. A house. After the big burn back in October, I'm starting to get house fever again. We'll start looking again after the holidays.

4. For "Entourage" to start running again on HBO. Sort of falls under number one.

5. New jeans. For some reason, none of my jeans are fitting. The pre-baby ones are too tight, the post-baby ones are too loose, and ironically, too short at the same time.

6. Some real winter weather. Our condo has a fireplace. Now if we could just get some snow.

7. A couple more pairs of Crocs, because you can never have too many. I just bought these for Max:

8. Dinner that I don't have to make tonight.

9. A vacation to look forward to sometime in the next few months. All I've got is President's Day weekend in Ocean City or maybe Rehoboth.

10. More yarn, and more skill at using it.

11. For my boss to stop saying "eye deers" when what she really means is ideas. Drives me nuts.

12. A better, smarter president in 2008, and more of a backbone for Congress.

13. A new matress and boxspring. We bought this one cheap right after we moved here, and boy did we get what we paid for. Which is to say that we paid for stiff necks, sproingy-sounding springs, and sagging in the middle of the mattress that means that Dan and I wake up piled all over each other in the middle of the bed every morning. Merry Christmas to all, and to me, a good night.

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