Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Guilty Pleasures

I seldom feel a lot of guilt over things that I enjoy. I mean, if it's really that bad for me, chances are I'm avoiding it. I'm sort of practical and dull that way. But, that being said, I do have some guilty pleasures.

1. Fabulous food. I am not really that picky an eater, and in fact, I will eat just about anything as long as it's not Doritos or fish. But I love really great, fattening, decadent food, like seared diver scallops with beurre blanc or osso bucco or some $40 a pound bleu cheese with toasted walnuts and dried figs and honey and fresh fall Asian pears. I'm talking total once-in-a-blue-moon food.

2. My couch. Almost everyone hates my couch but me. It is deep, really deep, so deep that my feet don't touch the floor when I sit all the way back. It's so long I can lie on it and neither my head or my feet touch the arms. It is big, soft, a perfect curling-up-and-settling-in couch.

3. Art projects. I love being creative. I have a million knitting projects going, I have decoupage materials in a box on my bookshelves upstairs, and I have a great idea for Christmas presents that I need to get down to business with this weekend. Dan is in a mild state of despair at the state of our home as it's taken over by my creative pursuits, but even he likes the final product.

4. Bad TV. Like Trina, I don't limit myself to awful television. I like lots of good stuff, including my current obsession with "The West Wing." But I also am a big fan of "Dawson's Creek." It's such shlock, it really is. But it's the very best shlock out there.

5. Ice cream. Being diabetic, I rarely eat ice cream, and when I do, I only have a little. But oh, ice cream. I love it. All kinds.

6. Oversized sweatshirts. There is just something about snuggling into a shirt that needs its own zip code. I am such a fall person, if just for the clothes.

7. Crocs. I have a whole bunch of them, and I'm ordering more. My boss loathes them--she wears pointy-toed death stilletos from the 80's--so I ordered her a pair too.

8. Blogs. I found a new one today, called "New and Improved Stereotypes." There are so many great ideas out there. Without the internet, there is so much smart and funny and sad and beautiful I would have missed out on.

9. Christmas Eve. I vastly prefer it to Christmas.

10. Target. Target has everything, and at reasonable prices, and it is always in a convenient and accessable place.

11. My son's kisses. I don't feel the slightest bit guilty about the fact that I would, without hesitation, wake him up give him kisses, and he loves giving them almost as much as I love the fact that I created this adorable little person.

12. Hot Tubs. My parents, a few years ago, put on an addition to their deck and added a six-person hot tub. It is the one thing that is making me look forward to Christmas at their house--the thought that I can go and sit in the hot tub in the snow every night for a couple hours.

13. My car. I drive a Chrysler Town & Country minivan, after always having tiny little cars my whole life. I will never go back.. The T&C is tall and spacious and convenient. Like me.

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Treen said...

Oooooh, Target...I have a serious Target addiction.

I love giant sweaters too. My mom got so frustrated over my big hoodie addiction in high school that she just started buying the biggest ones she could find so I ended up drowning in them.