Monday, November 26, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day 26: So Much Better Than it Sounds

Attention all Washington D.C.-area lurkers: I need you to throw off the veil of silence. I am of course assuming that I have any Washington D.C.-area readers, other than the ones I already know about.

Please recommend somewhere to me where I can get fried dill pickles--good ones too, not those boring crusty things served with "a light remoulade" in a restaurant with tablecloths. Nowhere on this menu should the words "Market Price" appear. I'm thinking dive bar here, people, I'm thinking beer-battered dill pickles and Miller Genuine Draft.

Don't worry, I'm not about to break out into, I don't know, karaoke, or start a bar fight or something. I've just been thinking about the fried dill pickles all day, and wondering where I can find them outside of the state of Michigan.

I bet the bar around the corner from my in-laws' house serves them. They serve deep-fried duck tenders. We'll be in Michigan over Christmas, maybe I should wait. Nah, why wait? I should have listed fried pickles on my guilty pleasures list a few weeks ago.

Who thinks I'm writing about food too much lately? Me too. Luckily, NaBloPoMo is almost over, and I can take a break. I'm starting to think the Internet might be getting full, and it might be my fault.


merseydotes said...

Well, it's definitely not a dive, but the Del Merei Grille in Del Ray has great frickles. But it sounds like that may be what you don't want.

Kimberly said...

Well, Kentucky has fried pickles. You can't turn around in Kentucky without happening upon a fried pickle. I'm just saying is all.

Treen said...

Well, if you get really, really drunk whilst participating in karaoke or starting a bar fight and happen to wake up in Tawas, MI you can get some great ones.

My friend and I were trying to think of places around Flint that has them the other day. I've been craving them too.