Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Tonight, while watching me make dinner (pattymelts and salad), Max called me "Iron Chef." Hilarious.

If I were one of the Iron Chefs, I would probably be Bobby Flay. I like his whole southwestern aesthetic. Mario Batali looks rotund and friendly and you gotta love a guy who is so loyal to his Crocs, but he's always cooking up slices of calf brains or something that is totally unappealing to me. Masuhirohitohashidashi Morimoto...well, I can't pronounce his name, and I'm really not that into Asian food, so that's not really me. And Cat Cora...I've seen her lose more Iron Chef battles than she's won, and I would totally be in it to win it.

The best part about Iron Chef is the beginning. I can't remember if it's the original Japanese one or Iron Chef America, but in one of them, the chairman takes a giant bite out of a yellow bell pepper, and then gets this very strange expression on his face...I would describe it as smug satisfaction. The guy is kinda loony, I think, but I really enjoy his sense of drama.

Thursday Thirteen tomorrow. Kimberly says it's not her turn to pick, and I can't remember if it's me or Trina, so my thought is Thursday Thirteen Guilty Pleasures, and if Trina's got a better idea, I am totally open to it.

Dan is sick and I am taking Max to daycare in the morning and picking him up at night. It adds around four hours to my day and it's kicking my ass, so forgive me if I am less than totally full of good ideas right now.


Treen said...

I am really, truly, and utterly creeped out because I was going to suggest guilty pleasures...I thought about it while I was reading the back of our wine bottle because apparently Pinot Noir is a "guilty pleasure" and the most evil of all the wines somehow. Nonetheless, I'm down for that topic and it can count for my week if you want.

I really hate Bobby Flay, so I'm glad you're not really him. Morimoto is my fav but Batali is a close second. I think it's hilarious that Max's vocabulary even includes the words "Iron Chef"

Kimberly said...

Iron Chef, huh? Now if you can just get him to stop calling the kitchen the chicken.

merseydotes said...

We used to watch the Japanese one all the time but haven't watched the American version much. I love all the dubs of the giggling Japanese starlet judges.