Sunday, November 18, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day 18: Almost Certainly Too Much Information

I am on day number 47 of this absolutely interminable cycle, and except for three days of barely discernable spotting last week, there is nary a sign of my period.

I have taken three extremely sensitive pregnancy tests and they are all negative.

I know, without a doubt, that we have only the very slimmest chance of being pregnant this time around--what with all the stress and the moving and the poorly timed science-based sex. I really should have just given up the ghost this month and not kept track. All it does is make me crazy, crazier than usual.

Okay, this is me shutting up about all of this. I'm tiresome even to myself.

Dan and I joined Cosco yesterday, because Sam's Club is an hour away now. It seems basically the same, only without Pampers. What the fuck? Why don't you carry Pampers, Cosco?

I'm watching "Mission Impossible" on AMC. Is this seriously considered an American Movie Classic? Why is this movie so freaking awful? Is it because I loathe Tom Cruise so much?

Remember a week ago, when I was mad at Pizza Hut? We ordered pizza from Papa John's tonight, and it arrived in a timely manner, hot, fresh, and perfectly made. It was delicious and cost less than Pizza Hut and we are perfectly pleased. When ordering pizza in the Laurel, Maryland, area, take my advice, internet, and order not from Pizza Hut.

Pardon this less-than-totally-interesting post. I am slightly obsessed with my absent period and I promise to make it up to you tomorrow, maybe with some dancing midgets on YouTube or something.

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