Friday, November 30, 2007

NaBloPoMo Day 30: The End

NaBloPoMo is almost over. I have successfully posted every day, even if it was some seriously stupid crap that I'm sure made you all stupider. November turned out to be a really rough month for me, what with three straight weeks of mother-in-law, a house deal falling apart four days before closing, losing our daycare spot and our apartment, and having to find and move to another apartment on a moment's notice. Also, I'm trying to get pregnant, as if anyone hadn't heard, and five negative pregnancy tests are a bit much to take, especially when I haven't seen hide nor hair of my period since September. Inexplicably missing.

To sum it up, this month I have:

  • Found out that my best friend has never had a snow-cone.
  • Had "attitude--like the firmest of melons" as the top search term on my blog for about three days.
  • Discovered that my husband thinks that monkeys are an acceptable form of dietary protein.
  • Ruminated on the lack of public domestic violence in my new neighborhood
  • Confessed to my old-lady addiction to knitting.
  • Watched a lot of Teen Girl Squad on YouTube.
  • Published my chili recipe.
  • Read about George Wallace, who was shot in a parking lot a few blocks from my home in 1972.
  • Was a total poop about Christmas. A Christmas Poop.
  • Published my 100th blog, learned cable stitch, and hated all over Pizza Hut.
  • Learned that my husband thinks I am not always full of wit and significance.
  • Got married to dip.
  • Was referred to as "iron chef" by my son.
  • Admitted to all of my guilty pleasures.
  • Watched my favorite baseball movie on TV.
  • Developed a number of brands of car that will probably never see the light of day.
  • Joined Cosco.
  • Fell in lust all over again with young Val Kilmer.
  • Realized that I could never be married to Will Farrell, because I don't think he has an off switch.
  • Became frustrated with my lack of anything to say about anything during a month in which I committed to saying something every day.
  • Made crabcakes, as well as the best cocktail sauce I have ever eaten.
  • Tried to figure out what "Boo boo chicken butt" means. Answer=nothing.
  • Discussed my hatred of non-multi-tasking kitchen tools.
  • Struggled with a decision of whether to watch a movie written by an author I don't like.
  • Searched the D.C. area for a dive bar with fried pickles. I did find one, incidentally, right down the street from my house, although it's not a dive bar and I'm really almost too embarassed to admit that Dan, Max and I had dinner last night at Hooters, and I am a little bothered by what that says about me and my feminist principles. But the pickles were great.
  • Put ads on my blog.
  • Hoped that I would never have the occasion to use the knowledge that sex with porcupines is illegal in Florida.
  • Made a Christmas list. But not really. But yeah, I really do want my boss to stop mis-pronouncing the word "ideas," so yeah, really.
  • Made this list.

NaBloPoMo is over as of midnight tonight, and I am glad, because now I can be reasoned and measured and sensible again, not just talking to hear my own voice. Please forgive me if you don't hear from me for a few days. I just really need a rest.

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Trina said...

Yay you! you made it.

I think you're right about Will Ferrel. His son is named something like Magnus, his poor wife. And his poor teeth.