Friday, February 20, 2009

Pink or Blue?

Ultrasound at 2:30 today. Boy bits, or girl bits? Or, like on Tuesday, will the Ghostrider be uncooperative and show us nothing helpful?

ETA: Girl bits! Dan and I could not possibly have be more surprised if you'd hit us both in the face with a bag of rendered chicken fat. Max, however, had a bit of a breakdown.

We are in Morgantown, West Virginia this weekend. My parents are stopping through on their way to Florida and have stopped to visit my cousin, who is serving a 19-month sentence for securities fraud here at the minimum-security federal facility. I've talked a lot about this in the past and won't revisit it now. However, I will say that my parents are thrilled beyond words with the news of a granddaughter. Also, if you ever find yourself spending a night in Morgantown, the Holiday Inn Express has possibly the most comfortable beds I've ever laid down in. If I have to spend any time on bed rest, I hope this is the bed.


merseydotes said...

What's the good word, Molly?

Gridlock Reigns said...

The good news is Ghost Rider is a great name regardless of the gender.

Treen said...

Yes, you just spell it Gheauxstryder and put little hearts around it if it's a girl. Awwww.

Yay girl! Congrats. I think being pregnant is a totally reasonable reason to ask for spending any necessary bed rest in a HIE...expensive, but worth it.