Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 5: Take Me Away

There are certain pieces of music I love for their ability to take me to a particular place and time in my own history. For example: the songs "Queen of the Slipstream" and "Days Like This" by Van Morrison always makes me think of driving home on Friday nights after the ski resort closed. I practically lived there my Senior year. I don't know why I always listened to Van Morrison on the way home, except that after the adreneline of racing for six hours, I needed to come down a little, and Van Morrison helped me turn down the volume in my brain.

Friday night after skiing was one of the only times of the week when I allowed myself to eat fast food or junk food, and I usually got Taco Bell and ate it in the car on the way home. Comfy shoes after six hours in ski boots was also a great visceral pleasure to me at that point. I associate Van Morrison with letting my body and brain both slow way, way down. Maybe that's why I have so much Van Morrison loaded into my ITunes "Vacation" playlist.

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