Wednesday, February 11, 2009

According To Dan: When It Absolutely, Positively HAS To Be There Overnight...

Molly: "Did you hear the thing on the news about the guy who showed up with a rifle looking for President Obama?"

Dan: "No. What, at the White House?"

Molly: "Yeah. Like, this dude has got to be seriously the dumbest attempted Presidential assassin of all time. He walks up to the security checkpoint dressed up like a Fed-Ex guy and is all, 'Uhh, yes, I have a package for a Barack Obama?'"

Dan: "What, and they didn't let him deliver it?"

Molly, imitating the Secret Service: "Well, what is it?"

Dan, imitating a phantasmagorically stupid rifle-toting loony: "It's a box full of fetuses."

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