Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Things About Me

1. I went on two job interviews today. I like both of the jobs very much, and I feel like I have a fair shot at them both.

2. I am afraid of fish--both the swimming kind and the kind that may land on my plate.

3. I drive a minivan. And I love it.

4. I have this idea for a knitting project: it involves strips of plastic grocery bags knit into a square base, then a grafted-on wool top for it, felted for sturdiness, witha drawstring top. It's an ecologically sound, slightly zany lunch bag! Okay, it sounds weird, but in my head, it is supremely awesome.

5. My favorite sandwich is a turkey sandwich with mustard and lettuce, followed closely by a bologna sandwich with cheese and pickles. Yes, seriously.

6. My wedding cake was chocolate, with raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. It had white roses (not the kind made of sugar, the kind that grew in the ground somewhere) on top. I would love to say that it was the greatest wedding cake ever; unfortunately, I only got the one bite that Dan fed me for the benefit of the photos. That bite, though, was delicious.

7. I loved the Beverly Cleary "Ramona" books growing up. I cannot wait until Max is old enough to read them.

8. I think Anthony Bourdain is smokin' hot. So is Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Danny Masterson, Sean Lennon, and Edward Norton. Yeah, I know; I am a total freak.

9. I love Crocs. I know they're ugly. I don't care.

10. I found out recently that Sonic's Diet Cherry Limeade is nothing but Diet Sprite and sugar-free cherry syrup, with limes squeezed into it. I'm a little sad, but I can actually make it at home now. Score!

11. I have never bought my own drink in a bar. I know that sounds weird, expecially because I've never been an enormous social success, but men buy me drinks. It's inexplicable to me.

12. I don't like lima beans, tapioca, or duck.

13. I have a great idea for a bakery in Saugutuck, Michigan, called American Bake Sale. It's the kind of place that sells $4 gingerbread-flavored cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing, double fudge-peppermint brownies, and chocolate-chunk-dried-cherry chocolate cookies. I have not gotten any farther in this fantasy than the name of the restaurant and the menu.

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Treen said...

Cherry Limeade makes me laugh because it's basically a Shirley Temple. We serve one, and you could get free refills and pay less if you just order a shirley temple. All we do is add a lime and cherry's sprite and grenadine. We don't have any Sonics here, but I'm sure it's the same too. All the restaurants have them and they mistify me. When e got it I thought for sure it'd be something different and more exciting.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I too love Bourdain and Danny Masterson.

Sean Lennon is all you.

Kimberly said...

Bologna,you? Really? Okay, so then no more jokes about my love of pickled bologna missy. And your wedding cake was awesome. I know because I think I ate most of it. Mmmmm, I would love some of it right now.

merseydotes said...

You don't like fish? At all? Is it a texture thing? I can't imagine my life without seafood.

Candy said...

Try to imagine the horror that would be a dish made of fish, duck, tapioca and lime beans. ::shudder::