Thursday, May 22, 2008

Against My Better Judgement

Dan and I just bought a GPS...the TomTom OneXL. I love it. But I have two questions.

1. I personally know two people who have GPS's who have named them. Is that normal? Should I be thinking of a name for my GPS? And if so, does anyone have any suggestions for a name? I was kind of thinking of Arturo. Or Howard.

2. The GPS didn't come with a case, and it's got a screen that looks sort of...sensitive. I'm thinking of knitting a cover for it, probably in felted wool. Am I a total yarn geek of the worst variety, or is that sort of cool? Or both? I really have no idea.

Also, on an unrelated note, I bought a fucking pair of capris today. I have long proclaimed my hatred of capri pants, but I tried these on and they were really cute and comfortable. I look tall in them. I mean, I am tall, but I am also round and usually I just look round without the tall. Will I have to re-form my opinion on capris? Are these just a terrible idea, or does it not matter how much I hate something if it looks good on me?


Treen said...

Is the GPA a boy then? Because if you felt something it might start looking a little girly by default and you know, you may need a unisex name.

I've never really named my cars, or body parts, or other possessions so I'm unsure. I usually stop at stuffed animals. That doesn't make it abnormal, I'm just unsure of GPS-naming rituals.

Capris are way better for tall people, trust me. When you're short they usually end up looking like you're just flooding terribly. One of my best friends used to buy them as actual pants because she was so short. I have a big baggy pair of comfy denim ones that my sister hates, but I love them. Capris are much more preferable to those awful "shorts" that are really just denim underwear.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Technically I didn't name mine but I call it by the name of the voice I have chosen.


He's got a British accent and he says things like "Turn right on thirtieth doctor."

He's got trouble with abbreviations.

Christina said...

You should check out my friend Stefanie's knitting blog, she's also written a knitting book. She is also a yarn geek.

Mamique said...

We have a female voice on ours and our 3 yearold calls her the GPS Lady, so it stuck.

As for capris - I caved a few years back.

Kerry said...


For shame. What would Tim Gunn say? We are supposed to be looking longer and leaner. Capris just shorten your leg.