Monday, May 19, 2008

This or That, Pop Culture Edition

Monday morning: Dan is at work, Max is at school. I am lonely. Leave me a comment.

1. This or That: Project Runway or America's Next Top Model?
2. This or That: TiVO or DVR? (or does it not really matter?)
3. This or That: Jack Johnson or John Mayer?
4. This or That: "Juno" or "Knocked Up?"


Jenn said...

none,none,none,both were ok in their own way, sorry you are bored you can come to my house and help me ,I have lots of stuff to do haha!

Treen said...

ANTM, DVR, but only because I never had TiVO to compare, Jack Johnson because I absolutely adore him and I am really not a huge fan of 98% of John Mayer's songs and he's definitely not as cute as everybody thinks he is. I'm disappointed in Jennifer Aniston for dating him. And Juno. Knocked up wasn't as funny as I'd have liked and I loved Juno.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

1) Project Runway - Tim Gunn

2) TiVo. Yes it matters. I used to have a TiVo and now I have a DVR. They are not the same.

3) neither

4) Juno

Christina said...

1. both
2. neither
3. Jack, def
4. Knocked up

Candy said...

1. P-ject. Best show on television

2. TiVo. DVR is just a sad excuse.

3. Neither.

4. Knocked Up. Funnnnnnny. And embarrassing if you watch it with your 17 year old.