Monday, May 12, 2008

I Realize This Is Weird, But...

This morning, I made homemade mayonnaise. And now I have the mayonnaise equivalent of a bumper crop of zucchini.

I know, I really need to find a job. I got it. But I love homemade mayonnaise, and making it is just so much fun. It's like magic--it goes into the food processor liquid, and it comes out really thick and gooey. It has something to do with fat molecules suspending the water molecules, and emulsions, and some other chemistry that I don't really care that much about because I am not Alton Brown. But still, it is just so cool to watch, and by the way, yum. It tastes so much better than anything that you buy in the store, mostly because it isn't made of things like gelatin, like your regular mayonnaise is. But the smallest manageable amount of mayonnaise that you can possibly make is, like, 11 pounds of mayonnaise. Okay, it's like 4 cups. But that is really a lot of mayonnaise. And homemade mayonnaise tastes better and stronger than the stuff that comes in a jar, and a little goes a long way.

Here's the question, and it's a really good one, so think hard (or not at all, because it's really only a good question to me): What do you like mayonnaise on, or in, or with? Because this recipe made about six months' worth of mayonnaise, and I just can't eat all of this myself.

If you'd like some mayonnaise, and you live in the D.C. area, let me know. I will personally deliver homemade mayonnaise to you. Is that a job, do you think? Could I make money AND mayonnaise?

That sounds ideal.


merseydotes said...

I love mayonnaise. I like a good chicken salad, tuna salad or egg salad, all of which require mayonnaise. Here is a great chicken salad recipe.

Also, it's really good mixed with some parmesan cheese and fresh herbs and spread on top of tilapia filets, which are broiled until done. The cheese makes the topping sort of bubble and get golden brown, and it's DELISH.

If you bring me homemade mayonnaise, I will bake you something delish. Or just give you a glass of wine for your trouble. 8-)

Treen said...

I hate mayonnaise. I used to like it, but my first job was at a sub place where we had to scoop vats of it out of the economy sized jar into the holdy thing and it would get all over me.

Plus, it loses something when people would come in and literally ask for us to put an inch and a half of mayo on the bun. Ever since then, I can no longer eat it.

I don't like egg salad either, but I make it for my dad all the time and that uses a lot of it.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You could just eat a shitload of tuna, macaroni and potato salad.

Kerry said...

Try is on a cracked peppercorn steak sandwich. Something about real mayo and peppercorns. Mmmmm.