Monday, October 22, 2007

What's Got Two Thumbs And Doesn't Give A Crap? Molly.

So, Dumbledore is gay.

So is Barney Frank, Oscar Wilde, and Melissa Ethridge, and they all do things that I think are really good, so the only thing I'm losing any sleep over is the fact that the National Organization of Ignorant Tightasses will probably use this as an excuse to burn (figuratively if not literally) books while simultaneously fighting to overturn Roe v. Wade, despite a study being released last week which says that legalizing abortion doesn't make it any more prevalent, just safer, and modernizing the death penalty, although we're one of four countries in the world that practices capital punishment on citizens convicted as minors. The other countries: Iran, Syria, North Korea. Definitely a list we want to be on.

Gee whiz, I'm thrilled with the state of American politics this week.

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Heather said...

The first thing I thought when I heard the "news story" (Ha!) about Dumbledore was "So?" And why did J.K. Rowling think that much about Dumbledore? How did his sexual orientation factor into writing a kids' book?