Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm the Firmest of the Firm, and In Case You Hadn't Known, They Call Me "The Jackal."

Here I am on the evening news, looking rumpled and chubby. Boy, am I inarticulate on camera. I'm not used to being on this side of it. They used my soundbite comparing subprime lenders to jackals, which apparently got a big cheer at the Mortgage Bankers' of America's Diversity Conference last night, according to my boss. Jackals. Oh boy.

Wow, do I feel silly.


Kimberly said...

Well you just sounded great! Go you!

Treen said...

I thought you did too...neither "rumpled" nor "chubby" came to mind, although I like the closeup on your wedding ring/typing hands.

For just a second I misheard him and thought he said "mother of 2" instead of "mother of a 2 year old" and I got really confused.

merseydotes said...

I thought you looked great! But they didn't really say how you knew so much about mortgages and lenders. Ah, well, local news at its finest. You did well, though!