Friday, October 26, 2007

So, this is funny.

My boss went to Capital Hill yesterday to testify before a House of Representatives committee. I spent many many hours getting him ready to answer questions succinctly and in as few words as possible and without whipping out a seventeen page flip chart every time he needed to make a point.

He was cogent, he was salient, he was tenable. He was ready. He was at the top of his game.

He left everything that he needed sitting on his desk in a folder.

He did get his notes and all of his stuff before he was scheduled to go on, but not without some considerable manuvering.

In the future, when he goes to testify before Congress, he will do so with his notes pinned to his sweater, like a kindergartener.

This story is the only fun or funny thing I have to say right now. The rest of my life really is just pretty bad right now, and I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around the awfulness, but I will probably at some point write about our underinsured house. It's actually not ours, and it won't be. But that's a story for another time, and that's because I am not currently done slamming my head in my car door looking for relief from the agony that has been the last two days.

1 comment:

Treen said...

Oh no! You're not getting the house now?

I hope I didn't curse you with my monumental bad house luck. I know how horrifically upsetting that can be. I just had to remember that it had to be a sign to save us from some monumental disaster.

I hope everything gets better soon. If you change your mind, we can probably still get you some Flint crack and other various drugs.