Sunday, April 13, 2008

Things That My Kid Told Me This Weekend

1. Pickles and ketchup on wheat bread are a delicious sandwich.

2. Throwing a Nerf baketball at the kitchen table to knock down blocks is called "Far bowling."

3. If he is not yet done pooping, it's because "it takes awhile."

4. A blue wooden block tastes "like chicken."

5. He wants to "ride with Jesus."

That last thing really puzzles me a lot. Is it possible he has joined an evangelical wing of the Hell's Angels, without me having noticed?


Treen said...

This made me crack up. He should really hang out with my nephew Jake sometime, as he is equally silly and amusing. When his little sister was born and my sister came up to the hospital he refused to let her hold the baby and demanded that "Owners get to hold it first."

The Jesus thing IS puzzling...perhaps a religious group snuck in and solicited him with tracts while you were sleeping.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Now I too want to ride with Jesus.