Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Budget, Day 3

Yesterday for lunch, I spent nothing. Brought leftover turkey sloppy joe and macaroni salad (homemade, thanks very much.)

Today for breakfast, I also spent nothing. Cereal, milk, and bagel I bought on Monday.

I have no leftovers today. Maybe I'll get soup from the Giant again.

Total for the week: $20.17.

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Candy said...

Awesome, good job.

For reasons I can't explain, our office provides milk (for coffee obviously but they have tons of it) and everyone brings boxes of cereal and keeps it at their desk. So I don't spend much there.

Today I bought in one of those Campbell's soups that you reheat in the container. And I have Saltines in my desk.

But then I went to the mall and bought sunglasses. Dammit.