Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Max is Currently Watching:

For some reason, for the last week, Max has been obsessed with this video. I think it's all the colors and sparkly...either that or it bears a striking resemblance to Teletubbies for Grownup Coolsters.

Either way, enjoy. I promise I'll think of something interesting to say this week.


merseydotes said...

Max is, like, the third kid I "know" online to fall for Feist! I showed this to Petunia once, and she liked it a lot but hasn't asked for it again. I think she liked the way the dancers just appear out of nowhere and the choreography. And the colors. And the sparkly.

Treen said...
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Treen said...

Feist is strangely addicting, no matter what age you are. I pretty much had "My Moon My Man" on repeat all summer.