Friday, February 15, 2008

The Beach!

I am at the beach! The beach!! I keep saying that, because damn, here I am, in Virginia Beach, in an oceanfront room, and I can hear the waves and I would be able to smell the salty frickin' air if the entire state of North Carolina weren't on fire and blowing northward. I don't even care that that is what North Carolina smells like, because I. Am. At. THE BEACH!!

(I am desperately in need of a vacation, the kind where there aren't one or more sets of my parents or in-laws involved. Can you tell?)

This was neither an unreasonably long drive, nor was the traffic terrible. The hotel is reasonably priced with an indoor water park and free wireless internet, and did I mention that I am AT THE BEACH?

I am going to try and eat some delicious things this weekend, and probably re-knit the fleece border on the cable baby blanket that I have already finished once and am not happy with. I am going to play with my kid and run around on the beach, because I am here! At the beach! Stop it, Molly. Oh, also, I'll probably buy some fudge. Because that's what you do here.

This is shaping up to be an excellent weekend. I will keep you updated, probably in short bursts, and when I do, I will stop shrieking THE BEACH!


Kimberly said...

I hate you. I'd hate you less if you sent me fudge though.

Kerry said...

Ya know. I'm starting to see the downside of blogging.

Every time I think to call you and see what's up, I end up at your blog and read it instead.

And what should I do after that? Call you up and discuss your recent posting?

Molly said...

I wish you would, Kerry. Email me and I'll send you my number. I'd love to catch up.