Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alarming Meat!

Last week, my boss' boss was looking for some statistics about foreclosure for a presentation. When she sent me an email asking me to do some research for her, she asked for some "alarming meat" to include in her presentation.

I found that phrase so thoroughly hilarious that I've been looking for places to use it, despite being inappropriate. Dan asks what's for dinner? The answer is alarming meat. I thought it was so funny I told my boss about it, and she thought it was so funny that we've been using it regularly since then.

When you Google the phrase "Alarming Meat," sadly what comes up is a lot of information about things like sick cows. However, when you Google the following things, what comes up is this here blog:

Your life will return to you after these messages: This isn't my life? Whose is it? Because I knew my husband was supposed to be taller.

Uses of heroine: Numbing the pain of not being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Mom's Machine Sex: I don' you maybe mean "Mom's a sex machine?" Because while that's really no less weird, it at least means something. Unsavory as it is.

Chicken butt alternatives: Guess what?

Young MC Taco Bell: Yo quiero Bust A Move.

30 Year Old Grandmother: I guess technically it's possible. Dan's taught some baby mamas whose mothers were younger than him, so maybe it's not that strange.

What's got two thumbs and doesn't give a crap?:

*Two thumbs up.* Bob Kelso!

I did borrow this line awhile back, I think. I couldn't remember where I'd heard it, but when I googled it, the second thing that came up was a picture of this guy, and it rang a bell. I do love me some Scrubs.

Hot French Moms: I have no idea how you ended up here, but let me just say that you have wandered far, far afield, as usual.

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I was cleaning out my downstairs fridge today and I found some alarming meat.