Monday, December 31, 2007

Are You Kidding Me?

Search terms that have led people here:

Treen Crack Whores Movies. You know what? I've met her in person now. And she's not a crack whore at all and I haven't seen her in any movies. So go away.

What's Got Two Thumbs? Me. You. Pretty much everybody.

Snow Fall In Celebration. Um, I think it's more about moisture in the atmosphere, and some other things I don't know anything about, and not so much about a celebration.

Snow Hot-Tub. If you're bald, like my husband is, it does actually get a little chilly.

Mom and Virgin. Well, according to some accounts that get some pretty weighty consideration, it happened once, so it's not, like, totally out of the realm of possibility.

If You Smell What the Dan is Cooking. Well, tonight he's cooking salad and I'm making braised short ribs, so you probably smell the ribs, but he's not exactly cooking.

Illegal to Give Massages. Hope not.

Convince Mom to let me go to Pensacola. If it's for some guy who's in the Air Force there, you probably shouldn't go anyway. You'll regret it.

Area of Inaccessability. Yeah, like that spot between my shoulderblades that always seems to itch. Or the backseat of a Volkswagen.

Baby name that sounds like Asshole. I...really don't have any suggestions in this regard, but I have to know what you come up with. And maybe why.

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Treen said...

Apparently somebody found out about my secret careers and is trying to out me. Damn them.