Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Like A Week Without Sunshine, Or In Which Our Heroine Comes To A Startlingly Awful Realization

Over this long Labor Day weekend, Dan and I did nothing of interest at all. We did so because we have to scrape together more money in the next 23 days than we have ever spent at one time in our life, so our time this weekend was best spent scraping dimes out from between the couch cushions. ($.49 closer to closing. SCORE!)

Max is just over two. And he's good at it. He is awesome at being a toddler. And if you don't have kids, or they haven't reached toddlerhood, let me just say this...everything you've heard is true.

And someday soon, he is going to stop taking a nap.

That means over long three-day weekends, we will have no respite from this terrifying child from 6:45 in the morning (the time that the big man likes to start his day) until 8 at night.

Jesus H. Christ Eating A Sandwich, what am I going to do?


Heather said...

Well, you could get lucky and have a kid who naps for years yet.

My son just turned 3 at the end of July and still naps almost every day for at least an hour.

My daughter stopped napping at 2 1/2.

It's a crap-shoot. Hope you get on the lucky side!

merseydotes said...

Make him go down for "quiet time" every day anyway. Petunia hasn't napped reliably in almost two years, and we still make her lie on her bed for an hour about 75% of the time. It's purely for our sake. We need the downtime.

Treen said...

Gerry and I pondered what the "H" stood for, and then we were watching something...I can't remember what...and the guy said "Jesus Harold Christ."

Apparently the H is for Harold.

You could be like my sister used to, and slip him bendryl when you want him to take a nap. My mom used to give me stuff like that on trips and I remember saying "Mom, I'm not sick though". We're two steps away from Munchausen's by proxy.