Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Thinking of Changing the Title of this Blog to "The Federal WC"

WC, if you weren't aware (I hate to be too obscure), is what most Europeans refer to as the bathroom as.

One of my tasks at work is to send out external emails via our website to various mailing lists. I get return emails to these communications in my regular Outlook box, just for ease of going through requests for information, etc.

I sent out one of these emails on Thursday. It was in regards to a bus tour in D.C. visiting affordable housing developments in the District. The title of the email was "Are You On Board?"

Strangely enough, this afternoon I have received the following email:

From: Zelda Pinwheel (not her real name, of course.)
To: The Nonhipster Mom (also not my real name.)
Subject: U on board

Dames always smiled at me and even bucks did in the federal WC!Well, now I
laugh at them, because I took Megadik for 6 months and now my cock
is truly weightier than usual.


So no, Zelda, I am not on board with Megadik. But as long as we're on the subject, I'd like to know the following:

What kind of freaky unisex bathroom (or WC, if you prefer) are you in?

Do you have to use some kind of back support to help you hold up your weighty cock? I've been having a little lower back pain lately and I think my office chair is to blame. Why can't you send me spam about that?

And I have no idea where that link leads; obviously I'm not going to "attain" on it with my work computer, where the man can see my web history. Consider yourself warned.

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Treen said...

It really is weird having to adjust to looking for random doors marked "WC" in europe instead of the girl and boy signs we have. I went through an entire train in a panic one time convinced that I'd never get to pee again. They don't care, they all pee and whatever together. Although it didn't leave me longing for a weightier cock. That is probably the best spam message ever.