Friday, January 2, 2009

You're Welcome.

My love of "The West Wing" has been exhaustively declared and demonstrated here, and I won't put you through it again.

But watch this show, this creative, smart, funny, adorable, incredibly good show, again written by Aaron Sorkin. I love this show. I want to cheat on my husband with this show.

(Not really, sweetie. But this show, it is so good.)

It was cancelled after one season, proof positive that everything that Wes Mendel says in the opening monologue is undeniably and sadly true. But no kidding, jump all over this show and French-kiss it.

Also, after watching episode 19 of this, I may have a little crush on Bradley Whitford.

You can see the entire series of this show at

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sarah said...

I adored this show (and the West Wing) and yes, Bradley Whitford is ineffably sexy