Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm So Glad We Taught Him to Speak

I just had the following conversation with Max:

Me: Max, stop wiping your nose on the bookshelf. (Max ignores me, continues to spread snot everywhere.) Max!

Max: (Gets mad, turns around shakes an index finger at me.) No! You stop yelling! I'm so mad at you! I quit!

Me: Yeah, if I can't quit, you can't quit.


Gridlock Reigns said...

Look at the bright side. The terrible threes don't last forever. For males they usually end in the early 20's.

Treen said... kids would spend their entire lives in the bathtub so I could just rinse them occasionally and avoid the mess. I often tell my sister that when she leaves I lift the toilet seat and sit Lia in the toilet bowl like a little baby jacuzzi and flush from time to time to avoid her nasty, awful bowel movements.