Friday, March 7, 2008

Miles To Go Before I Sleep

After a week at work that has thoroughly kicked my ass to the pavement and laughed while I cried, I've been thinking about other things that I could be doing with my life. Because what better to think about when you've worked a 40-hour week by Wednesday mid-afternoon because you work in the non-profit housing counseling industry and there's an economic recession and a mortgage crisis on?

Maggie Mason, better known as Mighty Girl, has been writing lists of things to do before she goes. I love her list. I love it so much, I decided to write my own, in several pieces. Today, I bring you 1-15 of my list of Things To Do Before I Go. I'm not planning on going or anything, I just love this list and the thought behind it. I've done several of these lists throughout my life; some of the things on it were so important to me at one point but not so much now, some I've accomplished, and some I don't even have a plan for yet. Also, these are in no particular order. Please leave me a comment with some of your own, or consider doing a list of your own.

100 Things To Do Before I Go, 1-15

1. Teach Max to cook.
2. Learn to surf.
3. Do something I don't think I can do (run a marathon, sing in public, etc.)
4. Watch the sun set in the desert.
5. Watch the sun rise in the mountains.
6. Write a play.
7. Make really great marinara sauce.
8. Write for a living.
9. Hang glide.
10. Make a quilt from Max's baby clothes.
11. Take a vacation with my best friend.
12. Stop being mad at my parents.
13. Go to India.
14. Own my dream house.
15. Knit a sweater that I would actually wear.


Kimberly said...

I think all are more likely than #12, at least in terms of sustainability.

Treen said...

My favorite teacher in high school made us come up with 50 of these. I like to make new lists every few years and go back through and check off the old ones that I've accomplished.