Monday, June 4, 2007

Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Jake Gyllenhaal is sort of hot in "Jarhead" walking around in the Iraqi desert with his shirt off. Except for the scene where he throws up a sink full of sand. That was not hot. Pretty decent movie, overall; Dan joined the Army at the end of Desert Storm and spent a little time over in Saudi Arabia, which he generally doesn't discuss much, so this was education. In general though, thumbs up for "Jarhead."

2. If your mother-in-law, who for a week has been bugging you to make iced tea, even though you don't generally drink it yourself, asks, "Who made the weird iced tea?" the proper response is, "I did. And if you don't like it, feel free to make your own iced tea next time, as it appears that your hands are not, in fact, painted on." For future reference, it was not weird tea. It was chai. I like chai.

3. You will ovulate whether your in-laws are sleeping in the next room or not, squeamishness be damned.

4. Organic pita bread from Whole Foods: Booooooo.

5. Organic Italian bread from Whole Foods: Yay.

6. You can watch too much "Deadliest Catch" on The Discovery Channel, despite what Dan thinks. I am seasick.


merseydotes said...

I definitely thought Jake Gyllenhaal was hot in Jarhead. He is definitely on my Celebrity Hump Island these days.

Trina said...

I haven't seen Jarhead but I have a serious Jake Gyllenhaal fetish. Gerry has come to accept that I subconsciously go "mmmmmmm" every time he comes on a screen. I even thought all of his gay cowboy loving in Brokeback Mountain was hot.

Deadliest Catch (Or Deadliest Crotch as G says, because he is 5.) has been pissing me off because they keep having marathons and then they don't play A Haunting.