Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Is anybody watching "John From Cincinnati" on HBO Sunday nights? Kelly Ripa Consuelos, that's an AMAZING show. But mostly, nobody's heard of it. It premiered after the finale of "The Sopranos" and probably most people were so pissed off after seeing that that they turned on "Boston Legal" or something instead. We watched it and the themes of redemption and salvation and general weirdness are fascinating, especially to religiously-mystified me.

Also, I've become minorly obsessed with "Big Love." I have never ever liked Chloe Sevigney, and her "performance" in Brown Bunny (and why yes, I am referring to the tromboner recital with that repellent toad Vincent Gallo) only cemented that opinion. I think she generally looks like a train wreck and isn't that great an actress, but I just love her in this show. I also really like Jeanne Tripplehorn and I think she's great in this. But the show has made me do a bunch of reading and research about Mormonism and polygamy and the history of both, and while I'm not going to suggest that Dan and I find a 20-year-old "babysitter" and start our own compound, I can actually see that people believed (and still believe) in the principle, beyond the yucky, 80-year-old men "marrying" sixteen-year-old girl thing. Believe me, though, there's some pervy creeps out there who just don't want to limit themself to having just one, and they all seem to have blogs.

I am not down with sharing my husband, but there are times when another wife would be a huge load off my back, especially when she's the kind of wife who would be willing to do laundry and pick up after me. I need a wife too.

My mother is in town. She hates any kind of background noise, so she goes around turning off the TV and fans (and the air conditioner!) and then immediately falls asleep sitting upright at the kitchen table in the resounding silence. She could make a cup of coffee nervous. And that is why I'm not taking any time off while she's here.

My wonderful ergonomically-correct keyboard has ceased to function. My hands hurt. Seacrest out.

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merseydotes said...

I think I'm getting into Big Love, too. I hate all that Roman/Juniper Creek stuff. I like the story of the modern-day compound in the suburbs and how they're all trying to make it work so much better.

That reminds me that I have this week's episode in the TiVo queue to watch.