Friday, May 11, 2007

According to Dan: Song Lyrics

Dan, singing along to Elvis Costello: "Gaaaaaaaalveston..."
Molly: "Did you just say Galveston?"
Dan: "Isn't that what this song is called?"
Molly: "Galveston?"
Dan: "Yeah. That's the name of this song, right?"
Molly: "...No."
Dan: "What's the name of this song?"
Molly: "This song is called 'Allison.' I love this song. I play it probably every other day. How can you not know this?"
Dan: "It's not about a city in Texas?"
Molly: "No, it's about a woman whose name is Allison."
Dan: "Oh. I thought it was about the city in Texas."
Molly: "..."
Dan: "My brother was born in El Paso."
Molly: "..."

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