Friday, April 17, 2009

Unintentionally Hilarious Things From This Week's Protests

Thing one:

Scholiast: “n. a commentator on ancient or classical literature”

Thing two:

Um, who are the Morans? I think my parents' next-door neighbors last name is Moran, but I'm pretty sure one of them is a retired teacher and the other is a research scientist.

Oh well, whatever. Yeah, Morans! Get a brain! And Go!

Thing three: For the record, "teabagging" means something else. And I'm pretty sure that Republicans don't do it. Unless you're Senator Larry Craig. But I couldn't find a picture of that. Also, this is a family establishment, you sicko.

Y'know what? I'm starting to think the Republican party doesn't even need an opposition party. They're doing just fine on their own. Also, they're practically writing the jokes for me.


St said...

And I love the signs, too funny!

Sarah @ said...


It's like when Prop 8 was on the ballot in November. We saw this guy at a protest holding a sign that had originally said NO ON 8.

Then it was crossed out and said YES ON 8.

That was crossed out and said NO ON 8.

Then there was a picture of two stick figures holding hands, with shorts and spiked hair. And it was crossed out with an arrow to it. The arrow's caption? I HATE GAYS. SO VOTE AGAINST THEM. CAN'T REMEMBER IF THAT'S YES OR NO.

Some people really are "morans."