Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Don't Want To Wait For Our Lives To Be Over...WTF?

The best thing the show "Scrubs" ever did was move over to ABC. Because I really love this season, I do. And most of the reason is Gooch, Lawyer Ted's new girlfriend who totally rocks the ukelele.

I now have to add the ukelele to my list of instruments I want to learn to play (top of the list: accordian. Dan is not thrilled with this idea. The neighbors prolly won't be either, especially when I get Max a little accordian and we take accordian lessons together), and also, I need to add Katie Micucci to my list of women I'd consider switching teams for. (Dan likes that idea a little bit. Guys.)


Treen said...

Wait, so, if I remind you of Gooch, does that mean you'd switch teams for me?

Ugashannon said...

Katie Micucci is the ugliest actress I have ever seen in my entire life! Have u seen her in Rules of Engagement? My husband and I now compare levels of ugliness to her; she is that bad! It's kinda like, how ugly is that 5" mole on that guys nose? ugly as Katie Micucci or 10...ugly like Ugly Betty? (Just FYI, nothing has ever come close to 1.) How could you ever switch teams for her? She makes me want to pluck my eyeballs out! Who's with me?!?