Monday, December 29, 2008

Several Short Items

1. Tomorrow is my birthday.

2. My internet is broken.

3. Morning sickness that lasts all day totally sucks ass.

4. My kid will not stop getting out of bed at night. Last night we dragged out the old portable crib, set it up, and made him sleep in it, because the little shit would not stop getting out of bed. I feel bad about the fact that he almost became a child abuse statistic last night, but there it is. Not really. But maybe. I may take him to Fed Ex, seal him into a cardboard box with a couple bottles of water and a couple of sandwiches, and send him to my parents' house. Forever. Not really. But maybe. Maybe just until the next one comes and we decide whether or not that one's a keeper. Not really.

5. I will never send my mother a Christmas list at her request again, because not only does she ignore what I ask her for, she buys me stupid, insulting gifts that illustrate the fact that she has no idea who I am or what I care about.

6. My holiday was fine. How was yours?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Happy birthday!

Morning sickness blows.

cici said...

awww doesnt sound so fine. Hope your New Years and Birthday will be Better!

Treen said...

1. Happy Birthday

2. Suck.

3. Suck.

4. Suck. I'm sure the hospital has an exchange program, maybe it's not too late.

5. Did she get you a subscription to Maxim and a Jonas Brothers CD?

6. It was actually lovely, aside from receiving an ego smashing Wii Fit. Being told you're fat by a skinny computer character with a bad haircut is despressing.